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Based in Montreal, City Emerald has a broad range of experience in virtually every class of real estate. Our projects have ranged from small scale housing projects in remote communities to Canada’s largest and most complex developments.

Our work keeps us on top of emerging economic, market, and demographic trends. Coupled with our intimate knowledge of both the land development sector and land use planning policy, we provide our clients candid advice that is grounded in economic and financial reality.

Jack A. Fattal, ESQ. MBA.

Chief Executive Officer

CityEmerald was founded by Jack A. Fattal after many years practicing as a real estate attorney in New York. 

Jack has worked as an attorney for reputable securities law firms, Sichenzia Ross Ference Carmel LLP and Anthony Linder & Cacomanolis, PLLC. Prior to that, Jack has served as General Counsel at Soho Properties, a Manhattan-based real estate development and investment firm, with upwards of $750 million AUM, as well as counsel to a global Japanese private equity fund. Throughout his legal career, Jack has acquired significant real estate, securities and fund management expertise. Jack has also advised large bulge bracket investment banks and funds on 9-figure IPOs, follow-up public offerings and M&A transactions. 

Jack’s expertise includes asset acquisitions and restructuring of portfolio investments, involving financial restructuring, joint ventures, divestitures and carve-out transactions – across varied industries, including real estate development, land banking, hospitality operations and hospitality technology, among other fields. 


Join our team

Join our growing team. CityEmerald is always looking for passionate, analytical, and creative people that love contributing to the future of our communities. While we are urban planners and land economists at heart, we are open to hearing from talented individuals from any background.


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